• Our cricket team that competed in 2018 Inter-University Alumni Cricket tournament in Toronto
  • Our Dansala organized for the Vesak Festival in 2018 at West-End Buddhist Vihara in Mississauga
  • UKAAC volunteers at the screening of Adaraneeya Kathawak to raise funds for community activities
  • Vesak lanterns of the West-end Buddhist Centre add a touch of festive glamour when we held our Dansala
  • Our traditional culture takes centre stage in our functions
  • A dance item at one of our past year-end get-togethers
  • UKAAC members and their families at our annual picnic held in Fall 2018
  • A UKAAC player trying to take a difficult catch at 2017 Inter-Alumni Cricket Tournament which we organized
  • Some alumni members showing their singing skills at the 2017 annual get-together
  • Our cricket team that took part in the inter-university cricket tournament in 2019




Chancellor Ven. Pandith Welampitiyawe Dharmakirthi Sri Kusala Thero handing over a scholarship certificate


Chancellor Ven. Pandith Welampitiyawe Dharmakirthi Sri Kusala Thero handing over a scholarship certificateA scholarship award ceremony organized by the Alumni Association of the University of Kelaniya was held at the Senate Room of the university on September 10 this year, according to the association sources.

Chancellor Ven. Pandith Welampitiyawe Dharmakirthi Sri Kusala Thero presided over the ceremony while Vice Chancellor Prof. D.M. Semasinghe, Senior Prof. Lakshman Seneviratne, deans of faculties and academic staff members were present. Alumni Association President Gotabhaya Jayaratne too attended the ceremony.

University of Kelaniya Alumni Association of Canada (UKAAC) members have financed 18 scholarships for deserving students to follow further studies in the university. The scholarships amounted to a total of 18 amounting to Rs. 360,000 equivalent to C$2867. Sponsors contributed C$2559 and the balance C$308 was provided from the UKAAC funds. Out of 18, 13 fall into the category of  memorial scholarships donated to remember a departed relative or a friend, while the rest is termed as General.

The following UKAAC members donated generously to our Scholarship Fund:

  1. Ayesha Chandrarathne 1
  2. Keerthi Hettiachchi 1
  3. Nihal Premalal 1
  4. Leroy Nimal Anthony 3
  5. Dhanapala Malgaha 1
  6. Upul Kekulandara 1
  7. Dhananjani Shiranthi De Silva 2
  8. Mohan de Alwis 1
  9. Yasantha Perera 1
  10. Manohari Wijesooriya 1
  11. Risini Dhammika Weeratna 1
  12. Thanuja Dassanayake 1
  13. Weerasinghe M. Indrasena
  14. Vajira Withanawasam 1
  15. Inuri Bianca Gajanayaka 1

In an appreciation letter to the UKAAC, Mr. Gotabhaya Jayaratne said that the mother alumni association was able to sponsor 162 scholarships with the help of the alumni associations spread throughout the world.  “This is the first time in the history of the university that the Alumni Association was able to award such a large number of scholarships to the needy students’” he said.


UKAAC screens Sinhala film Thaala to raise funds for scholarships for academic year 2019/2020

The University of Kelaniya Alumni Association of Canada (UKAAC) screened the popular Sinhala film Thaala (Rhythms) on May 4, 2019 to raise funds for the scholarships to be awarded to deserving students of the Kelaniya University next academic year. Our members Manohari, Ayesha and Rashanthi manning the sales desk at Islington Cinema in Etobicoke, Toronto. According to our secretary the proceeds have exceeded our targets.