About Us


University of Kelaniya Alumni Association of Canada (UKAAC) was formally formed in Toronto on May 11, 2013 with a significant number of past graduates of the Kelaniya University (formally known as Vidyalankara Campus and University of Vidyalankara) and its other associate universities. The live-wire behind the formation of UKAAC was Rev. Dr. Singappuruwe Sumana Siri Thero who took the initiative of bringing together graduates living in Canada, specially in Toronto and its suburbs.

Our Mission

Developing a commanding network among the alumni and the University of Kelaniya and assisting welfare activities of members and those who are eligible to become members of the Association.

Our Vision

Performing any activities in line with promoting cultural, educational and social well-being of the community with primary focus on the alumni and liaising with other sister alumni associations and Sri Lankan community in Canada to work towards common goals.